a hot dog and a banana walk into a bar...

November 1, 2012  at 8:23 PM

hope you all had a happy halloween! 

thinking about family and friends up north still dealing with the aftermath of sandy. wish we could be there to help!

monday, monday, so good to me

October 29, 2012  at 4:00 AM
i am currently under the weather, covered in vick's vaporub and smelling of hall's mentho lyptus. hot.

so today's monday, monday will hopefully get my head out of the tissue box for a moment. delight with me...

i don't even know where i'd put this in my house, but i love it. the print/color combo is unexpectedly expected (that's the meds talking).

i don't need new running shoes, but if i did, i'd need to hunt down these pretties to try on. the color combo is right on time.

ring around the collar. madewell is not only doing theirs in faux fur, but it also has the added bonus of plaid on the inside. double trouble.

these duck boots would definitely make anyone feel more prepared for sandy's demise. here's hoping she/he? (i don't think any weather personas have specified this androgynous hurricane's gender as of yet) spares our eastern seaboard.

now, i don't know who jach's girlfriend is, but i want her plaid shirt.

does this west elm wreath not get you even more excited for the holidays? clean and classic.

i don't know who these people are, but i love their style.

i keep seeing the west elm souk rug all over the blogosphere and i have to say its "dances with wolves"  tendency is winning me over.

and finally, hello. yes, it's absolutely a lionel richie coffee mug i'm looking for.

four months

October 26, 2012  at 2:50 PM
happy friday!

count 'em three, no longer just you and me

October 24, 2012  at 3:00 AM

it seems like just yesterday we were on the beach, becoming a "we" (dog by our side),

and in this third year, our we became three (different dog, but still by our side).

what a wonderful life,

being your wife (always by each other's side).

happy anniversary!

here's what

October 23, 2012  at 2:34 PM
more life via pictures...

we headed to the alma mater for our [gulp] ten year reunion. 

emma was almost served for breakfast the other day. it must be because she's so sweet. and she's also been trying out new locales for play time. the crib got just an "eh".

and someone has become quite fond of her little sister lately. stella insists on playing with emma on her play mat now. she comes running from wherever she is (usually on the leather chair) and sits right beside her. occasionally she'll lick her toes or sniff her feet. it's very sweet and i'm glad to see them becoming buddies.

here's what

October 17, 2012  at 3:42 PM
here's what life according to instagram has looked like lately...

monday, monday, so good to me

October 15, 2012  at 10:53 AM
feeling like the equivalent of what the cat would drag in, if we had a cat, i need some monday affirmations more than ever today. getting right down to it...

despite week-long crack-addict like attempts between the hours of 10pm-4am trying to secure an iphone 5 for next-day in store pick-up, i finally caved and placed an online order. it'll be here in the timely manner of 3-4 weeks. 

until then, i've been perusing new cases. the above are front-runners. though it shares the namesake of mariah's onscreen slow death, the glitter case by society 6 is amazing. BUT, per usual, i find it hard to resist anything able to be bullmastiff-branded. Fire Hydrant Press makes custom dog cases. cha-ching.

sarah + abraham makes custom plates, bowls, placemats, stationery, etc. personalized with the child's name and likeness. what a great idea for a gift. of course i love her site even more because she also has a daughter named emma :)

now, typically i favor the big dog, but something about this french bulldog caught my eye on instagram. mignon the frenchie had me at ruff-roh.

i think i found the russian olivia palermo. socialite, celebutante, philanthropist, entrepreneur, fashion designer and magazine editor, dasha zhukova is equally as fashionable and stunning, but dare i say, more accomplished. 

and i don't know about you, but making pizza at home has never been as easy or as delicious as dialing a few numbers on the old cellular. but it always seems so appealing to make our own, and use different, fresh toppings. i have tried making it before at home and one time i made the pizza that ate all the other pizzas, it was so big...and so uncooked. so when i came across these tips for making perfect pizza at home, i had to try again. and they worked! we finally made edible italian pie at home. i used the ready-made whole wheat dough from whole foods. and made the homemade tomato sauce included on the website.
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